Capacitor Bank Calculator

Source Current:
Load Current:
Capacitor Current:
Line kV (Ph-Ph):
Number of Phases:

Load kW: 0
Bank kVAr: 0
Source kVAr: 0
Source PF: 1.00
Load kVAr: 0
Load PF: 1.00

- Always remember to work safe.
- The bank should be energized.
- Use a current clamp or hot stick to measure currents.
- Amp a single phase:
      Line before the bank (Source Current)
      Line after the bank (Load Current)
      Capacitor pigtail (Capacitor Current)
- Enter these 3 numbers above
- Enter the Phase-Phase Voltage
      Enter the nominal line voltage - or for better accuracy
      Estimate the voltage based on regulator settings.
- Enter the number of phases
- Click the Calculate button