VQ-3015 RTU

VQ-2015 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)


Valquest’s RTUs provide a cost effective solution for expansion of your system and integrate with your existing network, securely connecting real-time utility field information between many different devices. The VQ series of RTUs operate with new and older ‘legacy’ devices, over many different types of communication networks, providing true multi-vendor, multi-function interoperability.

The VQ-3015 serves as an expansion module to the VQ-2015 with versatile communication in analog and digital form. By monitoring opto-coupled digital inputs, the VQ-3015 reads your PTs & CTs, calculates kVAr, kW, Power Factor, Phase Angle, and stores the status information in non-volatile memory.

The VQ-3015 reads Voltage information from PTs and Current information from CTs and then calculates:

  • kVAr
  • Phase Angle
  • kW
  • Voltage
  • Power Factor
  • Current

The VQ-3015 monitors opto-coupled digital inputs and stores the status information listed above. It responds to queries from a VQ-2015 with this analog and digital information. It also operates relays based on commands received from a VQ-2015.


  • VQ-3015 is field programmable through a VQ-2015 RTU.
  • Calibration and functional verification is done with the same program.
  • Settings and calibration factors are stored in non-volatile EEPROM.

Technical Specifications:

Voltage Measurement +/- 0.5%
Current Measurement +/- 1.0%
Phase Angle Measurement +/- 0.5°
kW Measurement +/- 0.5%
kVAr Measurement +/- 0.5%
kVA Measurement +/- 0.5%
Power Factor Measurement +/- 0.5%
Line Frequency Measurement +/- 0.02 Hz
Temperature Range -40°F to 165°F
Humidity (Non-Condensing) 0 to 100%
Operating Voltage 12 VDC
Relay Contact Rating 10 Amps
Enclosure 3.5" x 19" Rack

VQ-3015 Input / Output

Voltage Inputs 6
Current Inputs 6
Digital Inputs (Opto-Coupled) 8
Relay Outputs (Opto-Coupled Drive) 8