Infrared Thermographic Inspection

What It Is

Infrared Thermography as a non-destructive inspection tool has grown considerably over the past ten years. Numerous applications have included inspection of electrical panels and switchgear, mechanical systems, roof and building envelopes.

Since the advent of infrared thermography in the 1970's billions of dollars of savings have been documented by early detection and correction of unseen problems and by avoiding unscheduled downtime and interruptions. Recently, the development of high-resolution thermal imagers and sophisticated software has transformed infrared thermography from a pro-active to a predictive maintenance technology.

How It Works

With thermal imaging systems, it is possible to detect and display thermal temperature differences from infrared radiation (heat) emitted by an object. Invisible, infrared radiation is converted to a real-time, visible light image and object temperature measurement, which is displayed and digitally stored on the Infrared Imager.

Since thermal imaging allows you to see what you normally cannot see, it can provide location, early warning and documentation of incipient failures.

Why We Offer It

Using state-of-the-art equipment, Valquest now offers infrared thermographic inspection and report preparation. When added to our existing services of accurate diagnosis, system re-engineering and competitive bid preparation/evaluation, we provide the prospective client unparalleled capabilities in the area of mechanical and electrical system investigative services.


Valquest can usually provide Infrared Thermographic Inspection of a building for fees in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 per building.